Teltonika TRB142 gateway/controller (TRB142003000)

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TRB142 gateway/controller -
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Teltonika TRB142 gateway/controller

Industrial LTE Cat 1 Gateway Board TRB142 is equipped with an RS232 Interface, Digital Inputs/Outputs and a microUSB port. TRB142 compact design makes this Gateway perfect for an application where a sole gadget must be remotely controlled over the RS232 Interface. TRB142 is engineered to be used in Industrial applications, therefore, it has a wide range of software features such as SMS control, Firewall, OpenVPN, IPsec, RMS and FOTA support.

  1. RS232 is an Industrial standard for serial communication
  2. LTE Cat 1 for M2M/IoT communications
  3. Compact size, easy integration
  4. Wide range of power supply voltages
  5. Teltonika Remote Management System compatible
  6. OpenLinux based OS allows high software customisation
Teltonika TRB142 gateway/controller


  1. Easy Integration
  2. Compact size
  3. Low Power consumption


  1. LTE Cat 1 for M2M via RS232
  2. High Performance
  3. Open platform with SDK


  1. OpenVPN and IPsec
  2. Embedded Firewall
  3. Encrypted management with Remote Management System
Teltonika TRB142 gateway/controller
Teltonika TRB142 gateway/controller